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Youth learn to create their own symbols to reflect on their own understandings from multiple perspectives.
They follow the labyrinth of life to unravel its mysteries. The arts are a means to provide multiple perspectives.
From these varied perspectives choices are made, critical thinking skills evolve, and conflict resolution occurs. Artists of all types provide the nonthreatening, communicative expressions that bring this process to completion.

Parallel Paths to Bring About Conflict Resolution or Create a Work of Art

Both involve exploring researching and insight.

Both involve reflection and problem solving skills that incorporates levels of higher learning.

Both utilize intuitive and creative expression to bring about results.

Both involve critical thinking to assess and evaluate choices made as the resolution or the product evolves.

It is hoped the processes become guides for resolving other conflicts for formulating other creative expressions.

It is understood that both of these processes can be used in positive ways to benefit the self and the community where one resides, but the processes are the same for those persons who choose to act in destructive manners against humanity and civilization.

It is the responsibility of the parent ad the educational community to guide these processes for the betterment of all. Art educators can be very profound peacemakers in our global world of tomorrow dealing with "Shared Human Concerns" and conflicts that affect each of us.

First Presented at an International Conference of Art Education, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, January 2000


Having experienced reflection and artful creation we are now capable of knowing and experiencing more from within. As we look for the spiritual, we need to feel life is significant, to seek the eternal, and to help ourselves discover who we are.

It is my belief that the arts facilitate this process, like no other intellectual or scientific discipline. That is why I have designed this arts/community resource exchange to share information that may be beneficial to others. Enjoy...

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