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Paul Hillman

Materials And Resources:

A Field Trip To The Bead Museum In Glendale, Arizona

Lesson One - Nierikas (Yarn Paintings):
small plywood boards (3" x 4" possibly) or pieces of cardboard or foam board
variety of colored yarn
Elmer's glue (mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water)
old brushes to spread the glue
drawing paper and pencils
drying space
examples of nierikas (yarn paintings) found in this unit.
cotton swabs

Lesson Two - Jicaras, Kukus And Seeds:

Part One:
styrofoam eggs or small balls
gourds (if not available small boards or pieces of cardboard/foamboard)
variety of colored glass beads, be consistent with the size chosen.
needle to stack the beads for placement onto the form
Elmer's glue
old brushes to spread the glue
drawing paper and pencils
drying space
examples of jicaras or kukas found in the unit

Part Two:
The book Corn is Maize, The Gift of the Indians
planting space/garden
variety of seeds (corn, beans, and/or squash)
hoe or small shovel(s) or a hoeing stick
watering can, water
gloves if needed for hand protection
small containers for seeds grown in classroom
potting soil

Lesson Three - "I Wish" Arrows:
pre-cut dowels (possibly 6" long, 3/8 inch in diameter) or sticks
strings and/or ribbons (different colors)
pieces of cloth
Elmer's glue
small charms
objects from nature: twigs, leaves, seed pods, etc.
small glass beads in multiple colors
markers, or paints(& brushes), or crayons
examples of Huichol urus as viewed in this unit
The book The Eagle and the Rainbow, Timeless Tales of Mexico

Lesson Four - Huichol Textile Arts:
colored pencils
drawing paper
computers, scanners, photo editing program utilizing the complementary/inverted colors selection
examples of Huichol embroideries, weavings, and patterns shown in unit lessons
objects found in nature: leaves, rocks, twigs, bugs, shells, etc.