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Information on the CAC’s operational/administrative structure through symbolism of a moving wheel…CAC’s Logo

** At the heart of the wheel is CAC’s mission statement, core values and the principles of practice determined in diverse community settings during 2005 (regularly updated). The current Administrative CAC team comprises: Cofounders, Director, President, secretary/treasurer, “working” and advisory boards. This team is in constant flux due to the impermanence of everyday life and changing personal circumstances… During past 14 years the makeup of the board has been diverse in not only cultural backgrounds but ages and individual expertise: artists (all arts disciplines), educators, social activists, immigrants from around the world. WE share a sense of BELONGING and are FAMILY in continual motion forward...

**The spokes of the wheel represent strong CAC’s individual and community partnerships sought out with and by like minded persons, meeting the needs of individuals and communities during ongoing arts/cultural/educational planning sessions. All practitioners share CAC core values & CAC principles of practices supporting and promoting replicable programming, community arts/cultural events and documentation.

** The rim encircles the wheel connecting community and supports movement of CAC programming through the coalition's actions, specifically focused on cultural and arts educational challenges. CAC participants/partners envision individuals/communities enriched with creative practices, tools and skill sets to expand critical thinking and cultural awareness, thereby supporting a sense of belonging and respect within a larger community.

**The interior Heart (hub) needs to be constantly greased to maintain its function. The CAC administrative team holds vigilance with newly developing partnerships to reflect CAC mission/vision/principle of practices guidelines.

The wheel is not static; it is constantly rotating to accomplish its tasks for "Community Transformation".