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Information on the meaning of the Cultural Arts Coalition Logo

Logo created by Jen Urso

    Jen Urso and Christy Puetz at Desert Botanical Gardens.

  1. At the heart of the wheel is the mission statement, core values and the vision of the coalition. The hub needs to constantly greased to keep it functioning; therefore each meeting will also be a salon to present cultural programming reflective of the mission statement.
  2. The spokes are the main objectives of coalition policy and goals. Participating members are representational of the spokes, building the strength of the organization through committees, which fulfill processes necessary to give strength to the wheel.
  3. The rim of the wheel is the community and how the community will benefit from this coalition's actions, specifically focused on cultural and arts educational issues.
The wheel is not static; it is constantly rotating to accomplish its tasks for "Community Transformation".

African drumming for all ages at West Valley Art Museum.

"Many community cultural development projects are built around learning experiences. Overall, the aim is to transmit particular arts-related skills while helping to develop critical thinking and establish a clear link between the two capabilities, thought leading to action." Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard, Creative Community: the Art of Cultural Development, P.28.