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Arts CARE Mission and Goals

This is a working document that expresses an evolving dialogue by the participants of Cultural Arts Coalition, an Arizona community participation group open to all interested individuals.

A section of a Hopi mural at Museum of Northern Arizona by Michael Kabotie and Delbridge Honanie


How Traditions Inspire Today’s Artists 2017 | CAC Exhibition at ASU West Fletcher Library ---

Hopi Kinship and Culture Part I: Art History Lesson --

Hopi Kinship & Culture Part 2: Art Making Lesson Exploring the Work of Anne Elizabeth Coe ----

Hopi Kinship & Culture Part 3: Making Meaning the Indigenous Way ----

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Cultural Arts Coalition, Arizona: 501 (c) 3
Identifying, supporting, promoting, celebrating, and documenting those community arts practices that stimulate social awareness and honor diverse cultural values, and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be creative and solve problems. As a networking group, the coalition strives to provide a safe place for persons of all ages and backgrounds to gather and achieve a sense of belonging and respect within a larger community and to explore arts-related skills in a facilitated environment.

1. The Goals of the Cultural Arts Coalition are to provide spaces and opportunities for persons to engage in dialogue, experiences, and research that expand the definition and understanding of the role of the arts in enriching our daily lives in community and academic settings.

Many community cultural development projects are built around learning experiences. Overall, the aim is to transmit arts-related skills while helping to develop critical thinking and establish a clear link between the two capabilities, thought leading to action.
P.28, Creative Community: the Art of Cultural Development by Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard.

First gathering of Cultural Arts Coalition participants.

2. Examine and explore "guiding arts' practices" of programming that meet the needs of community.
(Please note an attached list of "14 Guiding Principles of CAC Arts programming", reviewed and adjusted during the July 22, 2005, breakout sessions.)

3. Celebrate and feature projects and programs at regular meetings as well as larger, community focused forums.

Our intent should be to help others, whether children, teens, people of middle age, or older adults, to use the arts as a means by which they can explore "the human condition (including her or his own condition) in and through time.
Bolin, Paul E., Editorial, "The Value of Local History and Place Within Art Education", National Art Education Journal, July 2000, p.4

George Waterhouse contributes information and African objects to The Bead Museum, October 2004.

4. Document and publish methods and examples of successful cultural arts delivery in academic and community settings.

5. Generate connections across an expanding network of individuals and groups who embrace the mission and goals of the Cultural Arts Coalition.

The Cultural Arts Coalition does not exist to replicate those arts and cultural organizations that are already functioning in specific capacities. Rather the CAC is meant to be a supportive agency of concerned citizens that provides an expanded definition of the arts in community settings and helps to provide some measurable tools and guidelines that can assist anyone wanting to get involved with community cultural/arts activities.

An Ofrenda created by a Yaqui community during a Dia de los Muertos event.

For the purpose of Cultural Arts Coalition, "community" is presently defined as the people who reside within one locality, following similar codes of conduct (laws), values and beliefs and having similar interests (possibly being determined by a similar cultural background).

Fatimah Halim celebrating 10th year of Rites of Passage ceremony for African-American females.

The third gathering of the Cultural Arts Coalition on July 22, 2005, at the ASU Art Museum brought together more than 25 people from many walks of life: artists, arts educators and professors, museum directors and educators, arts commission representatives, gallery owners and community arts activists. It was determined that the Cultural Arts Coalition is a valuable asset to continue promoting the arts, but more importantly defining, promoting and supporting arts in community settings.

The communities the Cultural Arts Coalition honors are sustained by your participation. As time permits, please read over this information and comment. judy butzine Melanie Ohm