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Paul Hillman

Holly Parsons is the Poet Laureate for peacePlace, the home of the Cultural Arts Coalition.

We are very honored to have Holly preside at our onsite gatherings, celebrating our events for the community with poetry.


In silent safety peacePlace prevails
From sacred seeds sown with care it hails

A place of solace a place to cope
A place where artisans gather in hope

Community rejoices this Place for creation
Celebrating Peace arts thrive with elation

Fragile yet mighty its influence grows
Shaping peace into practice wherever it goes

From the heart of the painter to the poets prose
In a musician's mantra or a sculptured rose

A Place of Peace is a treasure indeed
Endearing our faith unified and freed

by, Holly A. Parsons ©2011
For Cultural Arts Coalition
peacePlace of Phoenix

peacePlace is a 100 year old historic home in downtown Phoenix, 2 blocks from the state capitol.


When truth about truth is timeless
And time within time takes flight
Circles within circles will be science
And lives within life will bring sight

Concealed are my Soul's deepest secrets
Etched in the stone I traverse
Standing outside orchestrating
Paths between paths lie reversed

Somewhere within I am troubled
Somewhere within I am free
Somewhere within I am reckless
Somewhere within lies the key

Summer's moon chants to the mountains
Water conspires to prance
Winter regrets fall's failures
Spring brings with her a new chance

Why does the life live us backward
Savoring youth with a glance
Driving our path ever inward
Dissolving the trek as we pass

©Holly A. Parsons 2010

On Tuesday, December 21st, 2010, a collaboration between Trinity Cathedral (1st Avenue & Roosevelt), the Cultural Arts Coalition and TerraDance®, offered a Planetary Dance® to the community beginning @ 7:00 PM. This was a process and strategy that builds upon the diversity of the human condition to unite people through purposeful movement to the rhythm of the drums.


Creates vestibules of harmony
Rests on pages of purpose
Flies through caverns of consciousness
Answers only to truth

Transcends punitive postures
Protects perilous peace
Messaged in smoke from the outback
Design it's rhythmic release

Stands within every nomad
Cries out within every heart
Wanders between walls and wonders
What is fear all about

It spawns in ice on the mantle
Melts off dew in the breeze
Rains over cities of slavery
Drips into caverns of need

Sparkle its twinkling message
Power its ultimate fate
Music surrounds is enchanting
Beckons us into its wake

Holly Parsons © 7.4.2013