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Peace Event

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Paul Hillman

Visual Stories of Place Inspired by Huichol World View

Judy Butzine thanked all for attending the reception/exhibition, February 6, ‘20, 0900-noon, sponsored by Fletcher Library staff, ASU West campus. The Cultural Arts Coalition (CAC) celebrated the artistic talents of the art teachers & students from the Academies at South Mountain as well as recognizing the expertise and support of the 3 contracted artists ( Gloria Martínez, Reggie Casillas, and Oliverio Balcells who interfaced for a semester at SMHS. The CAC envisions individuals and communities enriched with creative practices, tools and skill sets to expand critical thinking and cultural awareness, thereby supporting a sense of belonging and respect within a larger community. Funding for this six month program was paid by grant funding from the Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture & the AZ Commission on the Arts. More than 150 art students, teachers, CAC staff and guests were in attendance for this amazing gathering.

Margaret Rodriguez, ASUW Librarian, has coordinated these yearly exhibitions for the CAC for more than 12 years. We are so grateful for this opportunity to have showcased the creative talents of H.S. art teachers, student artists & professional artists’ visual stories.

Kim Siebert "What loveliness and beauty! This healing work that expands us all so profoundly is the true center of positive activism and societal hope. Thank you to all the artists and teachers holding this safety and celebration with the spirit of the Huichol conviction of a sacred universe and our place in it." Kim, was Judy’s mentor in 2000, coming to USA from South Africa & honoring the traditional people of that world. This is the work we must all focus upon as the arts are a means of critical thinking and civil dialogue, problem solving that is productive and beneficial to everyone of all ages.

The CAC is truly grateful for funding, making this programming possible from the Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture and the AZ Commission on the Arts. Thank you all for being present.

Tours were also arranged by the ASUW Fletcher Library staff to meet with Alexander Soto the director of the Labriola Nat. American Indian Data Center @ ASUW Fletcher Library. A great resource for SMHS art programming next year.

Oliverio... "Just finished the Mandala of the Visual Stories of Place Inspired by Wirrarika World View. Thanks to Cultural Arts Coalition for the opportunity!" What a fun way to engage everyone by chalking in this 20 ft. diameter, mandala.

Photo Narrative by Judy Butzine, MSW