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Peace Event

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Paul Hillman

WOMEN ON FIRE: Opening Minds – Igniting Purpose Gathering was held Jan.12th, Sat. We meet at the Botanical Gardens to walk this healing space before the workshop began @ 0900, facilitated by Deanie Wlodek and Melanie Ohm in partnership with the Cultural Arts Coalition.

Thank you Gloria Casillas-Martinez for the logo design messaging the event which set a "Purposeful Intention" for EMPOWERING WOMEN. Woman on Fire! An OMIP Gathering 2019 in partnership with the Cultural Arts Coalition wishes to thank the Ruth McCormick Tankersley Charitable Trust for making this thoughtful, programming possible to women of all ages and backgrounds who hold a place on this planet for compassion and peace.>/p>

More than 20 females of all ages and backgrounds including Mother/Daughters in attendance and new friends met for 7 hours together.

We Examined and Explored the BOLD, SELF-DETERMINED and CREATIVE BEINGS within each one of us ... and our Leadership roles in our lives throughout our diverse worlds!

The background was contextualized with artworks and books set in place by judith butzine from her collection: literature and interactive movement by females many of whom are also CAC board members including artists, teachers, community activists, immigrants and human rights activists...

Irma Turtle-Turtle Will Christy Puetz- Beads of Courage
Children’s books for all ages with important messages Mitra Kamali

Art may have developed in early civilizations out of the need to express ceremonial rites in material forms. Many American Indian societies, such as the Western Apache people of eastern Arizona, and the Navajo culture from the Four Corners area of Arizona, believe in the interconnectedness of all life. They are also matriarchal societies. The awareness and the following of their cosmology (spiritual beliefs) guide them in how to conduct themselves in harmony and balance within their universe.

Once the Welcomes and the overview of the day were outlined by Deanie and Melanie, Muslimah Hameed was introduced, bringing us together in the "Circle of Power" for a FUN, RELAXING & MEMORABLE day of connecting our "hearts" and our minds to our bodies through movement and the beating of drums!

Beautiful journals created by Melanie and Deanie with messages and guiding questions were distributed. This literature instructed the event’s processes for the 2 reflective group activities and recorded reflective thoughts and conversation with others. Also included was documentation describing the artifacts on display by and about women for all to enjoy: symbolic messages of female empowerment from varied cultural and global, WOMEN ON FIRE. WE are very thankful for the community engagement work and human rights efforts which both of these empowered women have brought to our communities locally and internationally!

Following a delicious and very healthy lunch in the gardens and the afternoon interactive reflection each individual created an origami crane with beads on a pipe cleaner to symbolically send our newly, realized intentions for our lives and communities into the heavens... Origami Crane and book Sadako Lesson plan on the internet created through the work of the CAC...

Questions for a written reflection are included: Adhering to the Standards for Language Arts, each participant is to write at least one-two paragraphs on what she/he has learned from the lesson activities.

Referring to the book Sadako, a true story of a young girl who died from radiation poisoning. Symbolism of the crane is a metaphor for peace, conveyed and created by each participant with instruction from Melanie.

Thank you Mitra

Thank you Mitra The day was assessed through questionnaires as engaging all in a Physical, Reflective, Creative and Meaningful experiences.

This methodology may be fundamental for engaging youth or anyone in expanded critical inquiry skill sets, assisting one to make more productive and informed choices not only in classrooms, but in activities of daily living for all ages and backgrounds. Photos & narrative of day’s events recorded by judith butzine.

(Permission granted by all attendees through signed and dated documents.)