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Peace Event

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Paul Hillman

Feb. 26 & 27, Cultural Arts Coalition’s creating with guests at Scottsdale’s Canal Convergence Arts weekend

Early Morning Peace Pole: cranes made at Scottsdale Canal Convergence and lit candle... Our Heritage of peace we give to you! peacePlace...

Sat. Feb. 26th, was the Cultural Arts Coalition’s first day working with guests to Scottsdale’s Canal Convergence art weekend...Holly Parsons, Keiko Conn, Melanie Ohm and 2 students (Vyctoria and Dymond) from Gateway Early College High School were present to facilitate this origami peace crane making workshop. The focus was on the honoring of the true story of Sadako, a Japanese girl who died of leukemia from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. All ages were present; and it was a beautiful weekend to send intentions for acts of peace building into the atmosphere.

Printed post cards and information were distributed concerning Ken Koshio from Hiroshima and his community programs including Taiko Drumming to send out intentions for Peace. The Japanese Gardens and their beautiful space with programming was also promoted at this 2 day HAPPENING!

Dymond and Vyctoria inside the Light Origami sculpture created by KAZ Shirane. Kaz is an artist / space designer based in TOKYO, recognized for its work in architecture, interior design, and spatial art. Very FUN!!!! Vyctoria and Dymond from Gateway Early College High School were present to facilitate this origami peace crane making workshop.

The Cultural Arts Coalition presented the interactive origami peace crane activity to accompany the Light Origami installation. The images here are taken on Sunday with artists Thuong Nguyen and Mike Butzine creating over 250 cranes of peace during the day with all ages of individuals. The theme focused on the book, Sadako, about a young Japanese girl who died of leukemia from the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Michael learned of this story and the making of the crane from Thuong in Jan. 2000.

So many persons of diverse backgrounds creating Intentions for PEACE

Light Origami created by KAZ Shirane Scottsdale Canal Convergence, produced by Reuben Young, LED Lighting provided by Lumenpulse. Kaz is an artist / space designer based in TOKYO, recognized for its work in architecture, interior design & spatial art. Mike Butzine making his first origami crane with the assistance of Thuong Nguyen, Jan 2000.


"It has been argued that we are not Homo sapiens but Homo narrans, the only species that tells stories," (Hustedde, 1998, quoted Fisher 1987, p.157). Hustedde continues by stating, "Stories are how we organize our thoughts and experiences and how we share them with others. They tell us who the community is and what it is not." January 2000

Lesson Plan for Sadako - by judy butzine

Lesson Objectives: 1. "Engage & Persist:" Teachers in visual arts classes present their students with projects that engage them. When they teach their students to stick to a task for a sustained period of time, they are teaching participants to focus and develop introspection. This visual arts lesson plan is multifaceted integrating literary arts, music, art making and reflective writing. Begin this arts process by explaining that the students are going to create a visual representation of what Peace means to many people including children around the world.

Lesson Objectives: 2. "Present the concept of art worlds:" (visual, literary, & musical) An Art world is a term defined by Dr. Mary Erickson and Dr. Faith Clover, art education professors, in an article titled, "Worlds of Art". Read the book Sadako, symbol of peace in recent years as a result of it's a connection to the story of a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki born in 1943. Sadako was two years old when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. As she grew up, Sadako was a strong, courageous and athletic girl. In 1955, at age 11, while practicing for a big race, she became dizzy and fell to the ground. Sadako was diagnosed with Leukemia, "the atom bomb" disease. Read more at...

It was 2 perfect days of working together with compassion and respect in all of our hearts. We are very appreciative of the invitation extended by the Scottsdale Public Arts organization...Thank you Andrea Teutli

Photo Narrative by judy butzine, Director of the Cultural Arts Coalition


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